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Commercial Rentals
Non-Refundable Application Fee: $55   CASH Only.
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744 Henderson                                    Approx. 2,400 sf per CAD           $2,400 Mo/Dep

6 offices, 3 bathrooms, reception area, waiting area, Break room, large 16*32 workshop/ Conference area


700 N. Brazosport Blvd.                       Approx. 1,000 sf                          $1,000 Triple Net


435 Commerce                                     Approx. 4,650 sf per CAD           $7,500 Mo/Dep

16 offices, 2 half baths, 1 full bath w/shower, reception & waiting areas, Breakroom w refrigerator &         electric Stove, large conference room… & more


601/609 N. Gulf Blvd.                          Approx.  9,780 sf per CAD          $5,000 Mo/Dep

Office and warehouse with both dock height and ground level loading. 2 Office spaces, one is 4,000 SF that includes 3 Offices, large show room, kitchen, restrooms and plenty of storage space. The other is 1,100 SF which includes 1 big office and restroom. 


912 N. Gulf Blvd.                                            Approx.  4,000                             $3,000 Mo/Dep

     Open Office space.  Recent remodel and New HVAC. 1 restroom. 


1825 N. Ave J                                      Office Warehouse                       $2,500 Mo/Dep

1,500 sf Office space with Central HVAC and 3,000 sf Warehouse space. Half Yard area leases for additional $250 a month. ($0.62 psf) Terms 2-5 year lease (with pass through for taxes and insurance increases.)


1203 N Ave F                                                 Approx.  40 X 80ft                          $1,500 Mo/Dep

     3 Offices, 2 Bathrooms, Break room, Large Open Area


906 Quintana St    (middle space)        Approx. 40 X 22ft (880 sf)           $660 Mo/Dep

908 Quintana St    (end unit)               Approx. 40 X 40ft (1600sf)           $1,200 Mo/Dep

908/Garage Quintana St                     Approx. 30 X 60ft (1800sf)           $1,350 Mo/Dep


Clute / Lake Jackson:                                                          

130 Dixie Drive                                    Approx. 3,000 sf                       $2250 Mo/Dep     

116 Dixie Drive                                    Approx. 2,115 sf                        $1,600 Mo/Dep

120 Dixie Drive                                    Approx. 4,200 sf                       $3,150 Mo/Dep


445 Plantation                                      Approx. 3,800 sf                       $2,400 Mo/Dep


465 This Way                                      Approx. 1,000 sf                        $1,500 Mo/Dep

      Office space has a shared kitchen and bath with Pin Point Survey.  Includes Utilities. 

102 Oak Park Dr., CL               2 Story Office Building w/ concrete parking                  $1.00 psf. Mo/Dep



Leasing Requirements:  

  •      No broken Leases or Evictions in the last 2 years                                                                                  
  •     Combined monthly Income to exceed 3x the rental amount          
  •     Background & Credit Check.                 
  •     Previous year Tax Return         
  •     Last 2 Month Bank Statements    
  •     Verification of the last 2 years of your employment and rental history.
          If less than 2 year rental history, a Co-signer will be required to fill out an application and will also      
          Be used as lease holder.  Requires recent paystubs, Proof of other income. (Child Support/SS, etc…)  
          Valid State Driver’s License / I.D.    
Pets & Pet Deposits Depend on Rental                         
 (No Pit Bulls or Rottweiler’s (Or MIX) permitted on any property)